Saturday, September 21, 2013

Kuwaiti investments in Kurdistan more than $2 billion

Arbil/ Iraq TradeLink: Tourism investors and authorities are trying to attract Gulf citizens to Kurdistan, instead of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt.
Tourism companies are planning to have more Gulf groups to come to the Kurdish region by the coming Eid festivities at the end of next month, as well as next summer.
Nowadays, the Kurdish region is not only for the Kurds, because, wherever you go you find southern Iraqis walking in its streets or buying flats in its emerging construction industry.
Kuwaiti investments, for instance, are expected to exceed $2 billion, according to investment sources.
The mail moll, called City Center, is owned by a Kuwaiti, with three branches, two in Arbil and one in Zakho border city with Turkey.
Arbil was chosen as the Capital of Arab Tourism next year, with hotels and motels reaching to 570.
It is expected that this figure will be increased to 600 by the end of this year in addition to 45 western-type villages distributed all over the Kurdish region.
The main complaint by tourists is the increase in living conditions that will make them find other tourism vents, which matter shall be studied carefully by the authorities to prevent counter tourism immigration.