Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Euphrates Willayet: New one in Da'ish Caliphate

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Da'ish organization (ISIS) announced forming the Euphrates Willayet (Government) within the Islamic Caliphate announced by Abu Bakr al-Baghdad last June.

The new Willayet comprises the areas from Qa'im in Iraq to al-Bukamal on the Syrian side.

This move comes amid US President Barack Obama's consultations with the Congress to conduct a military action against Da'ish organization (ISIS) in both Iraq and Syria.

Special concern kin Iraq on US hesitation towards the war against terrorism war in the country.

Political observers believe that the US government should move fast to get war financing, otherwise it should wait till the coming congress elections.

The US Pentagon announced lately that its current costs in the war in Iraq reached to 7.5 million dollars daily, which was calculated to be half a billion dollars till now, with expectations that these costs will be increased by the expansion of war operations.