Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Iraqi journalist executed in Mosul

Nineveh/ Iraq TradeLink: Da'ish gunmen executed another Iraqi journalist in Mosul city, according to a statement by the Kurdish Democratic Party's sources here.

In a press statement Saeed Mamo Zein disclosed the execution of journalist Muhanad al-Ikaidi.

Ikaidi was kidnapped before two months, who was shot in military Ghizlani Camp, south of Mosul city.

He was the correspondent of Sada Press agency in Mosul, as well as in the cultural department of Mosul TV.

Ikaidi had not other affiliations, the sources added.

This is the second execution in four days, where journalist Raad al-Azawi and his brother were killed, in Alam area, east of Tikrit, after weeks of kidnapping.

Da'ish organization threatened to kill un-cooperative journalists.