Wednesday, April 15, 2015

20 Turkish officers train Iraqi Mobilization Forces, media sources

Ankara/ Iraq TradeLink: Turkish media sources disclosed that 20 Turkish officers are training the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces for Mosul liberation operation.

The sources pointed out that the training process is done in the northern parts of Mosul, as reported by Turkish Anatolia news agency.

The trainees are from the Sunni sect and Turkmen, who are being trained in a camp in Shikhan area, 12 km north of Mosul city, the agency added.

On the other hand, Kurdish Commander in the National Mobilization Force, Mahmoud Sorchi, disclosed, earlier, that 550 fighters completed their training and 800 more will complete their training, while 500 more will join the training courses on a later stage.

According to the agency, quoting Sorchi the number of trainees will be increased to 20.000 volunteers.

Nineveh Governor Atheel Nujaifi announced,  on 2 March, 2015m, that he had Turkish promises to supply and train the Iraqi forces, stressing that all arms will enter the country through the Iraqi defence ministry.