Friday, April 24, 2015

Lack of "basic DNA samples" to check Douri's dead body, Ministry

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi Health Ministry disclosed lacking DNA samples of the dead body of ex-vice chairman Izzat al-Douri.

Vice-Chairman Douri was man number 2 in the ex-Baath regime of Saddam Hussein.
Douri disappeared since 2003 and kept so after the arrest and the execution of ex-president Saddam Hussein.

The ministry added that it does not have the DNA of Douri's relatives.
During the past years, many rumors were circulated about Douri's death, but he appears later on through voice recordings.

Last Monday, members of the Popular Mobilization Forces handed the dead body of al-Douri to the ministry of health, who was killed during clashes in the northern part of the country.

The dead body was handed to the ministry after three days of the killing.

On 20 April, 2015, Iraqi Human Rights Minister Mohammed Mehdi al-Bayati announced the similarity of the countenance of the dead body with the ex-vice Chairman by 100%.

Douri broadcasted a recorded tape, on 5 April, 2015, in which he supported the Saudi coalition attack in Yemen, describing it as "the return of the Arab nationality", calling the coalition to "intervene to stop the Iranian intervention in Iraq and the region, as well".

The last speech of Douri was reported after the control of Da'ish (ISIS) of Mosul on 10 June, 2014, where he hailed the armed organization that contributed in controlling Mosul and Tikrit cities, confirming that "Baghdad liberation is very close".