Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mobilization forces hand over security affairs to local police in Tikrit

Salahal-din/ Iraq TradeLink: Popular Mobilization Forces reported handing over Tikrit security affairs to local police.

Spokesman Ahmed al-Asadi, in a press conference, criticized the campaigns against the Mobilization Forces and the attempts to "defame the forces that fought to liberate Tikrit city".

He added that Tikrit city was handed over to local police and security forces from the first day of its liberation, calling Salahal-din Operation Command to "directly control the inlets and outlets of the city".

Tikrit Tribal Council demanded the "withdrawal of Mobilization Forces immediately", threatening to "resort to the international community to provide world protection for the city if its demands were not met".

Yesterday, 3 April, 2015, it was reported some clashes took place between the Mobilization Forces and the bodyguards of Salahal-din Governor and Chairman of the provincial Council.

The Mobilization Forces announced that the clashes were initiated by "non-participants in their force and they will be put to account".

Premier Haidar al-Ibadi held an emergency meeting with the security commanders, calling to protect the state's properties, as well as those of the citizens'.

He called for the return of governmental life to the city for the return of the people.