Monday, May 11, 2015

Kurdistan threatens selling oil directly if Baghdad payments not fulfilled

Arbil/ Iraq TradeLink: Kurdish Parliamentary Energy Commission threatened to sell oil directly to foreign companies if Baghdad did not fulfill its financial payments.

Deputy Chairman of the commission, Delshad Sha'ban pointed that "if Baghdad did not pay fully the financial rights of the Kurdish region, selling oil to foreign companies shall be one of our options".

He added that many foreign companies submitted offers to buy Kurdish oil.

  Yesterday, Kurdish Premier Njirvan Barzani accused the Iraqi central government of "not abiding with the oil agreement", pointing that the Kurdish region "does not object to deal with Baghdad as oil buyer".

In a press conference in Sulaimaniya city, he called Baghdad to pay 1.2 trillion Iraqi dinars on the bases of the national budget of 2015.

He confirmed that the Kurds are "abiding" by the agreement, referring they do not object to be oil buyers, "but new agreement with Baghdad should be made".

Kurdish Natural Resources Ministry announced, on 6 May, 2015, that it exported more than 562.000 barrels of oil daily during April, 2015 to Turkish Cyhan terminal through the Iraqi Oil Marketing Company (SOMO).