Monday, October 5, 2015

Ex-Iraqi Premier Maliki charged of wasting one trillion dollars

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi ex-premier Baha' al-Araji disclosed that the previous government of Premier Nouri al-Maliki "wasted one trillion dollars during the past years".

In a press statement, he charged the previous government of "not having strategies in the energy sector", referring to investment in the power supply sectors.

He added that the previous governments wasted about one trillion dollars, which included 800 billion dollars of oil revenues and 200 billion dollars as gifts and support facilities.

Araji pointed out that there are no final accounts for the government and how these amounts were spent.

On the other hand, current premier Haidar Ibadi attacked ex-premier Nouri al-Maliki and described him as "the governor and the necessity leader of Iraq", charging him with corruption.

He disclosed that there were no governmental financial reserves, pointing that the government had only 3 billion dollars with 15 billion in debts till July, 2015.

Premier Ibadi criticized previous policies of granting funds for election purposes, calling for judicial accounts.