Sunday, December 25, 2016

Iraq completes one UN VII Chapter commitment, ministry

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi foreign ministry announced completing one of the two remaining
commitments to "be out of the UN Security Chapter VII".

In a statement, it added that the only remaining condition is connected on the Kuwaiti compensations.

Spokesman of the ministry Ahmed Jamal pointed out that the ministry held six important negotiation rounds with the UN General Assembly in New York and Paris to implement the UN Security Council's resolution No. 1958 of 2010 to complete all the affairs connected with Oil Program vs Food and Medicine.

"Iraq was able to restore about 145 million dollars", he added.

"Only the Kuwaiti compensations' issue is left between the two sides", the spokesman elaborated.

On 27 June, 2013, the UN Security Council voted the 2017 resolution that "partially" helped Iraq to be out of the stipulations of Chapter VII, ending the questions of lost Kuwaiti people and properties.