Thursday, December 29, 2016

Kurdish MP demands investigations on selling oilfields

Kirkuk/ Iraq TradeLink: Kurdish Union Party MP Shwan Dawoodi called for opening an "expanded
investigation" on Wikileaks reports on selling Kurdish oilfields to Turkey.

Wikileaks published secret information on Kurdish attempt to sell some of its oilfields for 5 billion dollars to pay Kurdistan's debts.

These contacts were done without the knowledge of the central Iraqi company, Wikileaks reported.

It pointed that the debts on the Kurdish region were as follows:
1. 1150 million dollars for the Turkish loans.
2. 514 million dollars for the Turkish oil services company (TEC).
3. One billion dollars for Turkish contractors.
4. 700 million dollars for the working companies in Kormor and Chamchamal oilfields.
5. 750 million dollars to for oil pipes from Shikhan, Kormor, Chamchamal and Binbawi oilfields.
6. 540 million dollars for the companies working in Shikhan oilfield.

Minister Horami proposed three suggestions before the Turkish government for the loans, which were as follows:
1. Payment of the debts when economic recovery starts in the Kurdish region starting from 2019 to 2021.
2. Payment of the debt through exporting oil and gas through Turkey according to a time-table to be agreed between the two sides.
3. Turkish purchase of Kurdish oilfields' shares.

To support the third alternative, Minister Horami suggested three alternatives on the selling of the oil shares, the first was to buy Taq Taq, Taoki and Shikhan oilfields, the second was to buy Miran and Binbawi and the third to to buy Kormala oilfield, according to the document.