Friday, December 16, 2016

Qayara gas power station in Nineveh operated, ministry

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi electricity ministry announced the operation of Qayara gas station in
Nineveh province.

In a statement, the ministry managed to operate the first generation unit in the station with the capacity of 60 M/W.

It is expected that another unit will be operated as soon as fuel is provided, the statement added.
The station has 6 units with the capacity of 125 M/W each, with a total power generation of 750 M/w.
The station was completed in 2014, it added.

Da'ish (ISIS) organization destroyed the turbines of the station, as well as its storage tanks with different capacity from one to 14 million liters.

Currently, the ministry provided two fuel tanks with the capacity of 500.000 liters of oil products.