Thursday, May 18, 2017

Iraqi-Syrian borders: race for strategic area

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Military sources reported the intentions of the Syrian army to reach the borders with Iraq.

Russian Izvestia daily reported that Syria wants to control its border side that connects Damascus with Baghdad to ensure its needed arms supplies from Iraq.

The paper quoted that the United States, that supports the Syrian opposition, is planning to establish a buffer zone adjacent to Golan Heights and the Jordanian borders with Iraq, but the Syrian government is trying to oppose this plan.

On the Iraqi side, senior Iraqi officials are trying to increase coordination among Baghdad,

Damascus, Teheran and Moscow to secure the Iraqi-Syrian b orders, as well as preventing the establishment of "any" buffer zone near Iraq.

Baghdad and Washington are aware that the buffer zone is a Turkish garget, more than any goal in the Syrian dossier.

Baghdad is looking with greater attention to the development of the eastern side of Syria, stressing that Iraq will not be a vent to establish buffer zones in Syria.

On the other side, the Iraqi forces and the Popular Mobilization Forces are trying to reach the Syrian borders in order to cut off the supply routes of Da'ish, but are fully aware to avoid any escalation before arriving to the borders.