Sunday, July 2, 2017

Iran charged of cutting off water supply for Kurdistan

Arbil/ Iraq TradeLink: Kurdish Agriculture Minister Abdul Sattar Majeed connected the "sudden" Iranian cut off the water from the Lower Zab River with the  coming Kurdish independence referendum due on 25 September, 2017.

The Lower Zab River is originated from the north-west part of Iran and enters the Iraqi territories from Sulaimaniya province.

Minister Majeed pointed that the sudden cut off of the water affected the lives of 80.000 people.
He stressed that Iran wants to show off is effects on the region by using the water as a pressure tool, which is directed against the coming referendum.

" We called the central government in Baghdad to press Iran ending its water cut off, but no reply received. All kept silent", he confirmed.

On the other hand, he pointed out that a Kurdish delegation will visit Iran if the water continued to be cut off.

In response for the cut off, the Kurdish authorities informed Baghdad that they will reduce the water flow to the southern part of the country, if Iran does not cancel its decision.

Earlier, Kurdish Change Movement MP Ameen Bakr criticized Baghdad's "silence" for cutting off the water, warning that the river will dry within the coming few days if the Iraqi government did not interfere with the Iranian government.

He disclosed that Iran is building two big dams on this river, but the Iraqi government did not take any action in this regard.