Monday, January 21, 2019

“Iraqi participation in Beirut Summit fruitless”, MP

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi Parliamentary Strategic Planning Commission said that the Iraqi
participation in the Arab Economic Summit held in Beirut, Lebanon, as “fruitless” for Iraq.

Member of the commission Mohammed Kareem pointed that Iraq needs enhancing local investments through strengthening the Iraqi industrial sector, not depending on foreign investments.

“The Iraqi participation in the Summits is fruitless because Iraq needs a new economic policy that will guarantee the work of the investors and providing them will all financial guarantees”, he confirmed.

Beirut hosted, yesterday, the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit, wher Iraq was represented by foreign minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakeem.

The Summit warned against the displacement and immigrants crises, as well as supporting the steadfastness of the Palestinian people.

 Kuwait proposed establish a fund with with the amount of 200 million dollars to invest in technology, where it will participate in it with the amount of 50 million dollars.

Most of the economists said that the Summit was “weak” in senior official representation.