Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Baghdad trying to find solutions, not agitating Kurds

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Despite the current visits between the senior officials of the Kurdish region
and Baghdad, the differences are still floating on the surface.

Disputed and conflict areas are clouding the talks, that may explode in any moment despite the smiles of both sides.

Baghdad governmental sources is “worried” on the situation in the disputed areas, particularly in Kirkuk and Sinjar and others,as well.

The sources pointed that the government is trying to find a settlement through controlling these areas and reaching to mutual understandings to minimize political differences.

Other Iraqi political sources warned against the deterioration in the disputed areas that necessitates starting a national dialogue to find appropriate solutions.

Kirkuk, for instance, is living in unstable security situation, where the Kurds demanded that the security affairs should be given to the people of the province.

The Iraqi forces and the Popular Mobilization Forces controlled the disputed areas following the Kurdish independence referendum at the end of September, 2017, where the Kurdish Peshmarga forces withdrew.