Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Iraqi anti-corruption road map under process

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: The Iraqi economic and political circles are waiting the implementation of
the anti-corruption road map announced by Premier Adel Abdul Mehdi.

Though optimism is very small for achieving this road map, but the people “hope for the better”.

Premier Mehdi formed the Higher Council for anti-Corruption to implement his governmental programmed which was announced at the end of October, 2018.

The road map stipulated taking the necessary measures to enforce law in this regard, particularly declaring the properties of the officials within “one week’s time”.

On the administrative level, the road map will order ministries and departments to lay out plans for their services and reconstruction plans within 90 days.

The road map will activate the procedures for restoring Iraqi smuggled properties and funds abroad through contacting relevant countries on this matter.

It will call the Iraqi parliament to issue a new law to oblige declaring properties and illegal funds.