Tuesday, February 12, 2019

New challenges for Izidi sect in Iraq

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: The death of the Izidi leader Tahseen Bey left his followers in distress
circumstances internally, as well as facing international challenges.

Tehseen Bey was born in the northern part of Iraq in 1933 and became the leader of the Izidi sect while he was eleven, where he represented the Izidis to guarantee the continuation of its existence in this world.

The Izidi sect lived, during centuries, in private solitude, thus the new leader has to make reforms for some of the followed rules, which this matter is a big challenge at these circumstances.
It was repoorted that the diseased leader  appointed his son, Hatem.

The Izidi sect has two leaders, one political and the second religious called “Papa Sheikh”.

 The Izidi sect suffered genocide due to the violent practices of Da’ish (ISIS) organization in 2014.