Friday, February 15, 2019

Start opration in Kuwaiti donation for Iraq

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi Fund for the Reconstruction of Terrorism Destroyed areas announced
the start of the operation of the Kuwaiti donation next week.

The 100-million dollar donation was made by Kuwait during Washington’s Donation Conference to Support Iraq.

Chairman of the Fund Dr. Mustapha al-Hiti pointed that the first stage will include implementation of 19 health projects, with the cost of 15 million dollars.

This will be followed by the second stage to implement 32 projects with the cost of 85 million dollars.

He pointed that the projects will include reconstruction and rehabilitation a number of hospital and building new hospitals in five province that were affected by Da’ish (ISIS) war.

Dr. al-Hiti added that talks are underway with the Kuwaiti side to see the possibility of merging the two stages as one.