Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Suicides among Iraqi youths due to internet

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Statistics made by social activists, judicial and humanitarian organization
pointed at least one suicidal case is reported in one of Iraqi cities.

Most of the reported cases were registered in mid and southern part of the country, statistics said.

In Diala province, for instance, it was reported by Talib al-Khazraji, director of human organization pointed that the province registered 53 suicidal cases in 2018, 50 of them died.

He added that the bigger figure was for males through hanging (13 cases), shooting (8 cases), burning (5 cases) and falling from high altitude (one case).

As for females, the burning was the most used method that registered 16 cases, hanging (5 cases), drowning (one case) and cutting veins (one case).

The organization attributed all these suicidal attempt to economic and social problems, as well as social media sites.

Most of the suicidal cases were between 17-27 years old, he added.

Lawyers believe that most of the cases were due to “mal-use of social media”, which became a source of threat that obliged the girls to commit suicide to protect its reputation.

Till the last few years, suicidal attempts were not familiar in the Iraqi society, which respects traditions, except of some random cases.

Earlier, Iraqi Human Rights Commission announced the increase in suicidal attempts all over Iraq since 2013, due to economic, social and psychological problems.