Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Warnings for Da’ish return in a new attire, Iraqi experts

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi political experts described the return of Da’ish (ISIS) operations in
Iraq is due to “vacuum” in security situation.

The experts pointed that the “there is no Iraqi military presence” in Da’ish operations’ sites.

They described this type of war as “the warm wars”, in comparison to world cold wars.

It is known that Da’ish organization lost its areas that covered 9 million inhabitants west of Iraq and east of Syria.

US President Donald Trump announced that the end of Da’ish organization shall be soon, following his decision to with draw 2000 US soldiers from Syria.

On the other hand, Iraqi Security Adviser Falih al-Fayyadh disclosed the appearance of a new look in Da’ish organization and name, while Iraqi experts and strategists spoke of this before one year on the return of Da’ish fighters.

Those fighters were described as “sleeping cells” which lived in refugees camps, while others returned to their countries or left for Europe.

Media reports said that 1000-2000 Da’ish fighters are living an area not exceeding 50 square kilometers along the Iraqi-Syrian borders, as reported by US CNN news agency.

Most of the experts regard the eastern side of Syrian and the west of Iraq as one region after 2014.