Wednesday, April 10, 2019

2334 arrested, convicted on drugs charges in 2019

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi Human Rights Organization disclosed the increase in number of the
detainees and convicts for drugs charges in Iraq during the past three months.

The smuggling of drugs and narcotics took place via planes, small boats, and the coffins of the dead that are brought from neighboring countries.

The organization pointed that the drugs and narcotics’ cases covered 2334 persons during the first quarter of this year ending in March.

It added that 75% of smuggled materials are coming through Iran via the southern marshes areas.

Politicians believe that the drugs mafias have good connection with strong personalities in the government.

On the legal side, the judicial system is calling from stronger sentences to such crimes.

 Drugs and narcotics trade were increased following the US invasion in 2003 due to the lack in security measures on Iraqi borders and crossings, particularly in the southern part of the country.