Friday, April 12, 2019

Iraq to receive families coming from Syria

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Syrian Kurds announced that an agreement was reached with the Iraqi government for the return of about 31.000 Iraqis living in camps, north east of the country.

The sources pointed that among the Iraqis there are Da’ish (ISIS) families.

“A delegation from the Iraqi Cabinet visited the Syrian Kurdish areas to discuss the return of the Iraqi immigrants, where it was agreed for their return”, the sources added.

The camps run by the Syrian Kurds contained thousands of Iraqi families which left the areas controlled by Da’ish organization.

The main problem for the return of the Iraqi families is that they do not have identity cards and some of them were born inside Syria.

The Syrian Kurdish authority is still waiting the decision of the Iraqi government for the return of the families, the sources added.

It is expected that the Iraqi final procedures for the return of the families will be completed within the coming two months.

The Iraqi authorities will scrutinize the families before entering the country.