Thursday, April 11, 2019

Judging Da’ish members in Iraq for “price”

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Iraq proposed to the International Coalition governments, headed by the United States, to judge Da’ish (ISIS) members for a certain sum of money that may reach to two billion dollars.

According to Iraqi official accounts, Baghdad suggested this proposal to “judge foreign detainees with the Syrian Kurds”.

If this proposal is approved, Baghdad will have the right to ask for more funds for “lodging them”.

The return of the detainees with the Syrian Kurdish forces is a problem of the countries of the arrested Da’ish members.

According to media reports, France has no plan for the return of these detainees, taking into consideration that Iraq is judging 12 French nationals who were transported from Syria to Iraq.

  It is expected that the Syrian Kurdish forces have about 1000 Da’ish members, coming from 52 countries.