Monday, June 10, 2019

Fifth anniversary for Mosuil city’s downfall

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Like this day in 2014, Iraqi northern Mosul city fell under Da’ish (ISIS) 
occupation, whose jihadists came from Syria amid tribal protests in the province.

The downfall of Mosul city was followed by the down fall of cities in north and west of the country, massacres, deportations and collective graveyards.

Many analysts said that the withdrawal of the Iraqi army from the city and leaving its huge arms arsenal resulted in the final fall of Nineveh province as a whole, during the reign of ex-premier Nouri al-Maliki.

It is expected that demonstrations will be held today in Mosul city to commemorate the “Black Day”, amid calls to disclose the results of the investigations that lasted four years.

Maliki and his assistance were charged by the people and the media, as well as the Iraqi parliament that adopted the final report of the investigations in 2015 and sent to the judicial system to follow up.

Experts believe that the costs of the downfall of Mosul city was killing and wounding more than 300.000 Iraqi and the immigration of about 6 million people and destroying 48 towns.

They believe that the real loss will reach to 100 billion dollars, in addition to social changes in the province.