Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Iraqi Alliance gives ultimatum to government

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Reform and Reconstruction Alliance, headed Ammar al-Hakeem,
announced giving an ultimatum to the government of Premier Adel Abudl Mehdi to make a “real” reforms in the ranks of the Iraqi government.

Member of the Alliance Nada Shaker Jawdat pointed that al-Hakeem gave the reform ultimatum, or otherwise the Alliance will turn to opposition.

Before seven months, Premier Mehdi promised a five-year plan for the reform of the government and solving its chronic problems, but it seems that he was unable, till now, to fill the posts of his government, particularly the two main ministries of interior and defence.

Though this government is living in better conditions in comparison with the previous ones, but the social and political atmospheres are still unstable due to regional challenges, foreign pressures and internal forces that affected the policy and the security of the country.