Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Saudi “announce” for Iraqi Summit’s reservations

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink: Despite Iraqi heavy contacts with the Saudi side to explain the reasons for
the Iraqi reservations at Mecca Summit last week, the Saudis remained annoyed, as diplomatic circles reported here.

Premier Adel Abdul Mehdi expressed support to the Iraqi stand, justifying the Iraq will not indulge axes policies.

According to local politician, the three Iraqi Presidencies (Presidency, Premiership and Parliament) decided before one month that Iraq should adopt a neutral stand, with moves to neutralize the pro-Iranian militias on this question as much as possible.

The Saudi side believes that Iraq supported Iran, and was expecting more “better” stand, in the light of Saudi initiatives to Iraq in the past months.

Iraqi political circles believe that some of the Iraqi-Saudi agreements may be affected, like building the stadium of King Salman, Kidney’s hospital, support of Iraqi universities, opening border crossings and the Saudi consulate in Najaf.

On the other side, Iran believes that Iraq stood on its side.