Dear Sirs,
We are an independent, mostly, economic news agency, connected with Iraqi trade and economy.
Of course, we will not neglect Iraqi political and security issues, due to their close connections with the economic spheres.
News items to be selected shall be of great importance to research centers that are mostly interested in Iraqi affairs and studies.
We welcome your contributions, preferably in English, in all matters related to the development of Iraqi economy and mutual trade, as well as your objective comments for developing this site.
We have no malice against any Iraqi political component, but our desire to expose positive and negative aspects of Iraqi internal and external affairs, hoping to have a real democratic unified state.
All materials to be published here represent the ideas of their authors, irrespective of different inclinations and they bear the legal and moral responsibility.
We hope to implement our independent mission in informing the world about the economic developments in Iraq.
Thank you for your patience.

Mohammed Jaffar Dawood